Lake Sammamish Therapy provides therapy services to  families overcoming a range of obstacles, including communication challenges, marriage, divorce, and family struggles.


How We Help

Family patterns and dynamics can feel impossible to infiltrate. Families can feel stuck in behavior and communication patterns where arguments and discord seem to control day-to-day life. Voices can feel unheard and change may seem unattainable. Yet, change is possible. Damaged relationships can be repaired, differing personalities can find shared ground, and an atmosphere of joy can replace one of despair. Lake Sammamish Therapy can provide insight into your family’s patterns, communication tools and strategies, and support for your family as you adventure into family therapy. Together. With Courage.

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Our Approach

Emotions, challenging thoughts, and difficult behaviors impact all areas of life: love, parenting, communication, friendship, school, and work.

Approaching these areas of our life with courage and emotional agility can enhance our experiences and pave the way towards fulfilling relationships, more loving connections, and the strength to advocate for ourselves. Confronting the challenging situations that influence our behaviors and infiltrate our thoughts requires practice, consistency, and courage.

Lake Sammamish Therapy can provide you and your loved ones with the tools needed to reach your emotional, behaviors, personal, and professional goals and to experience a life of choice and opportunity.

Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them.

Daniel J. Siegel — The Developing Mind

Together. With courage.

Approaching emotions, challenging thoughts, and difficult behaviors with courage and agility can lead to enhanced relationships, improved communication, and increased positive experiences and internal strength.

Confronting challenges, as opposed to shying from their enormity takes practice, consistency, and courage.

Emotional agility and courage to confront struggles and obstacles impacting our lives can lead you towards a life full of choices, as opposed to alife of convenience.

Lake Sammamish Therapy is here to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles that stand between you and your goals.